Start your new shed building project off on the right foot

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Published: 03rd June 2013
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You've finally made up your mind to build a storage tool shed. Good for you for taking the project on! You'll save a mountain of money and will probably have a good time doing it. Building your own storage building is a task that most individuals can do as long as they can lift the materials, read a tape measure, utilize power tools, and can follow a first-class set of instructions like the free shed plans found here.

The first tool you should grab when building your own barn is a phone. A conversation with the local building department is a important step in the success of your storage building project. You may be in a lot of trouble if you decide not to make the phone call. Construction materials, sizes, and the positioning of the barn on your property are all things that your local building department most likely will have rules concerning.

Don't be upset if your building department had certain building codes or rules pertaining to your new shed. Protecting property values is one of the job of local government, and the building codes that you'll need to follow help ensure that everybody plays by the same rules. Imagine being in the shoes of the sweet old woman who has a neighbor that doesn't care about her property and the decades they've spent making it their own little slice of heaven. In most cases it would be a poor decision to build a storage building or outbuilding that's taller than the house on the property because it would look absurd and property values would suffer because of it. On the other side of the argument, having no building codes in place would probably result in some very poorly built sheds that are a danger to it's owners and everybody in the area. These are just a couple of examples that I've seen happen where zoning laws could have prevented the issue from happening in the first place. Because people want peace with their neighbors and want to avoid uncomfortable confrontations, building and zoning codes are in place and take care of unpleasant issues.

Zoning and building laws typically make sense to the common person and are well thought out. With only a small fee to pay to the building department, you'll probably be able to construct the garden shed you've always wanted to have. Don't try to get around zoning laws and building codes. The building department will find your project at some point and can charge very expensive fines against you for your unauthorized building. To avoid having an unauthorized building on your property, consider simply purchasing a DIY shed kit from an established shed company. It might save you a lot of trouble and hassle.

Most communities will have zoning laws concerning:

Distance your building should be placed from your property line

How deep and wide the building may be

Overall height

Under structure construction

Placement of shed on your property

In coming articles, all of the above points will be talked about further

Another person you should confer with is your neighbor on all sides of your property. It's considered good form to let them be aware of your intentions to make your barn and where it's going to be placed. They'll appreciate being able to talk about the project with you and any problems with the shed will be avoided. Who knows, when talking to your neighbors about your new shed, they might want to pitch in and help out, turning your shed task into a community tool shed raising and BBQ!

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